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PLACEBO: etymology: from Latin placebo, I will please. A measure designed merely to calm or to please.


VIBE: a distinctive feeling or quality capable of being sensed.


Indulging in our passions can be considered a placebo if it helps calm the mind and soothe the soul, which is the case for us when we are practicing our art. Each item we create is hand crafted with love and light and infused with good vibes which we want to share with our customers.

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Founder & Owner

Mary Jayn spent most of her career in sales, marketing and event planning in fast-paced corporate environments before transitioning to a more holistic lifestyle as a Reiki Master Practitioner. Along her journey, she developed a keen interest in crystals, tarot, moon rituals and other esoteric pursuits, as well a passion for crochet and creating things with her hands.


As her collection of crystals and tarot cards started to grow, she began crafting accessories to store, organize, carry and display them. She ended up making way too many of these than she could ever use, and when people in her entourage started showing interest her creations, she knew the universe was offering her the perfect opportunity to start a business doing something she loved, and that is how Placebo Vibes was born!


Collaborating Artist

Émilie pursues a career in catering. This being a fast-paced environment, she chose to crochet to slow down and satisfy her creative side. This hobby quickly turned into a real passion. As a nature lover, she loves to bring her crochet work along in her adventures.

In recent years, she has developed jewelry and accessories that she wants to share with others, which is why she did not hesitate to join Placebo Vibes as a collaborating artist.

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