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Due to certain conditions, the items you receive may vary slightly from product images and description.


We do our best to ensure our product photos are as true to colour as possible. However, due to variations caused by different lighting sources and monitor or screen settings, the colour you see may differ slightly from the actual product. 


Yarn and thread is dyed in lots, which means there may be slight variations between items of the same colour. Colour patterns may also vary in items made with variegated yarn or thread, which means that the placement of colours on items of the same lot may vary, making each item unique.


Different products with the same colour name such as Red may not be exactly the same shade from one to another and can vary depending on the type of material used and names given by different brands. Also, please don’t mistake the colour name to be what you think that color should be. For example, just because a colour has the name Teal, it does not necessarily mean it will look like what most people would consider to be a Teal colour.

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