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Introducing Our Mythical Mermaid Crochet Plushie! Dive into the depths of imagination with our captivating Mermaid crochet plushie. Meticulously handcrafted, this mermaid plushie is a fusion of fantasy and craftsmanship, ready to bring the magic of the sea into your life.


With its exquisite tail, shimmering eyes, and vibrant colors, our Mermaid plushie is a standout addition to your plushie collection. Its soft and huggable texture makes it an ideal companion for imaginative play or a whimsical decor piece to infuse a touch of oceanic charm into your surroundings.


Beyond being a plushie, the Mermaid crochet plushie symbolizes the allure and mystery of the sea. Whether you’re searching for a unique gift, a graceful addition to your mermaid-themed decor, or simply a reminder of the enchantment beneath the waves, our Mermaid plushie is here to bring joy and a sense of wonder.


Immerse yourself in the world of make-believe with our Mermaid crochet plushie. Order yours today and let this mythical sea maiden become a cherished part of your world, sparking your imagination and adding a touch of oceanic enchantment to your life.


DISCLAIMER: Safety eyes are not suitable for children under 3 due to choking hazards. Always provide adult supervision when handled by children. The eyes are secured with a plastic backing but could potentially be ripped out given enough force.


Pattern by Poms and Posies.

Mythical Mermaids With Long Curly Hair - Handmade Crochet Plushie

C$95.00 Regular Price
C$85.00Sale Price
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  • Polyester blanket yarn shell, cotton yarn for stitched details, plastic safety eyes, and polyester fiber stuffing.

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